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Welcome to FAKEFANLAB!

Join us for a time to immerse yourself into creativity and experience the joy of making!

It doesn't matter even if you've never learnt to sew. Our workshops covers all the basics from threading, sewing and even in-depth stuff like developing paper patterns and 3D modelling. Give it a try!

The Tote Bag Workshop

In this four- hour workshop we will learn how to make a personalised tote with your very own design and choice of material combinations.

There's always something magical about making something with your very own hands.

Here at FAKEFANLAB let's weave our heart and soul into creations of your very own designs!

Other Popular Workshops:

The "A Gift For Your Furkids" Workshop

A perfect way to express your love and gratitude to your pets: join us and make a one of a kind piece of accessories in this 3- hour workshop.

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The Alteration Workshop

Have you ever thought of modifying clothes yourself and make them tailor-fitted? If you do this would be the perfect workshop whilst we will teach you all you need to know from hand-sew, hand embroidery to tailoring throughout the course.


Couldn't make up your mind?

Click here to view all workshops and courses available!

The Up-Cycling

Fashion Upcycling provides a creative technique to extend the life of a clothing product. In this workshop we will cover techniques and procedures to repurpose fashion items otherwise destined for landfill.

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Contact us

If you are interested to ask us about anything, enquire about our workshops or just send us a greeting, you are more than welcome. It would be our pleasure reading from you. Leave us a message!


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